Friday, April 14, 2017

Nelspruit Nature Reserve our very own gay cruising spot

Are you a Gay visitor to Nelspruit, why not visit the only "cruising spot" in Nelspruit, the Nelspruit Nature Reserve (not to be confused with the Nelspruit Botanical Gardens)?

Apart from being a "cruising spot", the Nelspruit Nature Reserve offers riverine bush, woodland and reedbeds in a natural setting within Nelspruit.

There are three walking trails available where you can find bird species such as Gorgeous Bush-shrike, Southern Boubou, Pruple-crested Turaco, Thick-billed Weaver, Golden Weaver, Guinea Fowl, Franklins and Olive Bush-shrike. Red-backed Mannikin and Green Twinspot are resident, but often hard to locate.

African Goshawk & Brown Snake Eagle often calls overhead during early mornings, while African Wood-Owl and Freckled Nightjar are vocal after dark.

If you are lucky enough you will spot some other wildlife such as Klipspringers, Porcupines, Vervet Monkeys, to name a few.